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I have been been a musician since I was was fourteen years old. I played bass guitar in live touring bands for many years and my band was signed to the Polydor record Label for a time. I also studied, and became qualified as, an electronic engineer. My first involvement in the recording industry was in 1974, when I started to do some part time maintenance work in a small London studio named TMC. I eventually totally rebuilt the studio in 1977. During this period I was allowed to use the studio in down time, and developed my skills as a recording engineer.

I went on to engineer and co-produce (although I never was credited as co-producer in the early days) several hits in the late 70's, having 12 UK TOP 40 hits in the first year of becoming a professional sound engineer.

In 1982 I bought a half share in the famous London studio "THE WORKHOUSE", which was losing money and in debt. I turned the studio into a highly successful business, and five years later sold it for a large profit. During my time at The Workhouse, the studio produced many international hits including UK no. 1 singles by Paul Young, Musical Youth and T'PAU.

I was continually having hits records as a mixer/remixer/producer and, in 1987, was approached by Pete Waterman to join his PWL organisation. I took the position of Chief Mix Engineer and Producer, and agreed to let Pete Waterman manage my career. My credit on all the PWL and Stock Aitken Waterman records was : "Mixed by Mixmaster Pete Hammond". This credit gave the impression that I merely mixed the records as an engineer, which was not in fact accurate. I was actually adding another layer of production, which almost always involved me adding many of my own performances to the final production. I was, in effect, a fourth member of the Stock Aitken and Waterman production team. I left PWL in January 1991 due to management conflict of interests. After PWL leaving I produced and mixed records for many artists including hits for Take That.

In the Autumn of 1991 I was approached by the Zomba group of companies. I signed a three year management contract with Zomba in January 1992. In December 1992, I was approached by Mr. Tom Yoda, from the Japanese record company AVEX D. D., to mix an album for the new Japanese band T.R.F. - a "Tetsuya Komuro" production. (during my time at PWL, I worked with Tetsuya, a Japanese writer/member of the band "T.M. Network". The two singles I remixed for him both went on to make no. 1 in Japan and sold over one million copies). The previously unknown T.R.F. are now, to quote a Tokyo D.J., "Gods" in Japan. I played a very important part in many of the T.R.F. albums. My task was to make the music sound European. I was responsible for many of the musical parts/sound effects and structural arrangements, and was given total control over the final sound and compilation; even down to the mastering, which was done at Zomba's Battery Studios in London. Since then I have remixed almost all the T.R.F. records, which have sold over thirty million units in Japan. I have been credited on 140 UK hits singles (11 of which were No. 1 and 55 were TOP 10) and countless albums between 1978 and 1995. In late 2002 I started writing & producing with Bruce Elliott-Smith, by 2003 we had notched up several successes including the massive club hit "Love me right" by Angel City (Ministry of Sound) and a uk number 7 co-write fo Dannie Minogue.

In early 2004 I joined Angel Management. I set up a new studio in Purley where Bruce and I were very busy writing & producing for several signed projects! In January 2008 my partnership with Bruce Elliot-Smith ended, although I still do the occasional project with him. Since remixing Alphabeat's "Boyfriend" I have been asked to do 80's style reamixes for a number of high profile acts, a list can be seen below:

Alphabeat - Boyfriend
Velvet - Chemistry
Lonnie Gordon - Gonna catch you baby
Sinitta - The day you said goodbye
City Girls - Make up your mind
Wynonna Judd - Sing
Mini Viva - left my heart in Tokyo
Ronnie McDowwel and Bill Medley - Lost in dirty dancing
Plumb - "Hang on" Number 1 on the Billboard club play chart in USA November 09
Basshunter - I promised myself.

I'm about to start yet another 80's style remix for Amanda Lear. I'm currently writing with Same Difference, September (Cry for you) and new boyband Vice. I love traveling, eating out and drinking beer and wine (after work only). I also love reading and interesting conversation (not small talk)

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